Editorial Mayor

Bargeme, town of Canton Comps on Artuby located in the Verdon area, this village is suggestive of an indisputable history, at 1097 meters above sea level, it remains a high place, an almost intact old feudal village in Provence. The highest village in the Var, among the most beautiful villages of France, labeled the Var Village Character.

Situated on a rocky pinacle, with its ramparts, two fortified gates, the Watchtower, the East Gate, the ruins of his lofty castle Sabran From Pontevès give this village a mysterious aspect, symbolic and endearing.

Bargeme covers 2795 hectares with a population of 142 people in winter, people in the world as a whole, mostly in eight hamlets in a village cultural and tourism.

Your visit will be rewarding in its environment, the unspoiled beauty of the feudal village, set against the backdrop of the steep slopes of the mountain Brouis.

We are waiting for the best home you can be sure you will appreciate the pure and invigorating climate, its exceptional resting at his composure and contemplative by his past. Say around you, the highest village in the Var, worth a detour.

Jacques GERARD
Mayor Bargeme